ar lawr

ar lawr
adv. на земле; на полу

Welsh-Russian dictionary (geiriadur Cymraeg-Rwsieg). 2014.

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  • Lawr Kornilow — Lawr Georgijewitsch Kornilow Lawr Georgijewitsch Kornilow (russisch Лавр Георгиевич Корнилов, wiss. Transliteration Lavr Georgievič Kornilov; * 18. Augustjul./ 30. August 1870greg …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Lawr — oder Lavr ist ein männlicher Vorname und eine russische Form von Laurentius bzw. Lorenz. Vorname Lawr Georgijewitsch Kornilow (1870–1918), russischer General Kategorie: Männlicher Vorname …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Lawr Georgijewitsch Kornilow — (russisch Лавр Георгиевич Корнилов, wiss. Transliteration Lavr Georgievič Kornilov; * 18. Augustjul./ 30. August  …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Nathan Lawr — Origin Guelph, Ontario, Canada Genres Rock Occupations Musician, songwriter Instruments Vocals …   Wikipedia

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  • lorimer — /lawr euh meuhr/, n. a craftsperson who makes hardware for harnesses and riding habits, as bits or spurs. Also, loriner /lawr euh neuhr/. [1175 1225; ME < AF; OF lor(e)mier, lorenier, deriv. of lorain harness strap < VL *loramen, for L loramentum …   Universalium

  • ampulla of Lorenzini — /lawr euhn zee nee/, Ichthyol. any of an array of electroreceptors in the head of sharks, skates, and rays capable of detecting weak electrical signals produced by muscular activity in other creatures. [after Italian physician Stefano Lorenzini… …   Universalium

  • Laura — /lawr euh/, n. a female given name: from a Latin word meaning laurel. * * * ▪ literary subject       the beloved of the Italian poet Petrarch and the subject of his love lyrics, written over a period of about 20 years, most of which were included …   Universalium

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  • Laurel — /lawr euhl, lor /, n. 1. Stan (Arthur Stanley Jefferson), 1890 1965, U.S. motion picture actor and comedian, born in England. 2. a city in SE Mississippi. 21,897. 3. a town in central Maryland. 12,103. 4. a female given name. * * * (as used in… …   Universalium


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